Rage Chocolatier

Hello beauties,Welcome to your favourite blog Beauty In Vein.Rage chocolatier have recently sent me their chocolates.I’m sharing my experience with their chocolates today.

Rage Chocolatier greeting bar is a perfect blend between milk and dark chocolate to satiate even the most discerning palate.


Sugar,Hydrogenated vegetable fat,Whey Powder,Skim milk powder,Cocoa powder,Cocoa solids,Emulsifier: Lecithin(E322),Vanillin.

Allergy information:-

This chocolate contains traces of nuts & milk solids.

Nutritional facts:-

  • 550 kcal per 100 gms bar
  • 288 kcal (from fat) per 100 gms bar
  • 4g protein per 100 gms bar
  • 60g carbohydrate per 100 gms bar
  • 32g fat per 100 gms bar
  • No trans fatty acid
  • Moistute <1.00%

Net weight and price:-

250 Rs. For 90 gms (1 bar)



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