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Welcome to Beauty In Vein. Today I’ll talk about a very common problem.
Your face is the first thing people notice when you meet them. Therefore, a lot is judged about you by the way your face looks and how you care for it. Aside from pimples and acne, one other concern for both men and women is the presence of dark circles under the eyes. It not only hampers the beauty of your eyes, but also makes you look haggard and tired.

Therefore, it is vital to prevent dark circles from forming under the eyes. Since the condition is not limited to women only, men too should take proper care to avoid the same issue. Mostly, dark circles appear due to an unhealthy lifestyle. For instance, stress, lack of sleep, hereditary conditions and other hormonal changes are responsible for eye dark circles. Even if you take good care of your skin and have a healthy complexion, appearance of those darkened areas under the eyes will make you look old, tired and dull.

And, that’s quite frustrating!

If you are struggling with this problem, then don’t worry. Like all skin problems, the science of Ayurveda provides us simple remedies to treat dark circles as well.

So finally I’ve found the solution for my dark circles.



Aqua, Aloevera gel, Tea tree oil,Camphor,Nutmeg extract,Clove oil, Cucumber extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Turmeric extract.

How to use:-

Use this as the last step your night skincare routine. Squeeze out a few drops of this gel on fingers and apply it under your eyes or you can also apply this as a sleeping mask. Apply it all over your face and leave it.

Benefits :-

  • Active cooling reduces acne and bumps.
  • Controls bacterial proliferation and sebum regulation.
  • Imparts youthful, radiant and glowing skin.
  • Perfect sleeping mask for soothing and relaxed skin.
  • Minimises and tightens pores.

Availability :-

This product is available on Amazon and Aegte’s official website.

Ratings and Recommendation :-

Rating : 4.2/5

I’ll surely recommend this product to all of you guys. No more panda eyes now! A big thumbs up for this product.

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Link :

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Ikkai Beauty Fashion Fiesta Craze Pack

  1. Ingredients :-

Aqua, kaolin clay, vegetable glycerine, caprylic capric triglyceride, coconut oil, glyceryl stearate, cetostearyl alcohol, glyceryl monostearate, magnesium aluminium silicate, juglans regia cell powder, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, tocopheryl acetate, acrylamide/sodium acrylate copolymer and paraffinum liquidum, trideceth-6 , sodium gluconate, CI 77891 (Titanium dioxide), essential oil blend.

2. Packaging :-

The packaging is very cute and it comes in a cardboard box.

3. How to use :-

Use awesome almond face scrub at first and then apply the face Souffle or the choco delight face mask. Apply evenly all over the face and neck.Live for 10 minutes only don’t wait for it to dry out.

4. Review :-

The awesome almond face scrub removes all the dead cells from skin and makes the skin super smooth. Tales helps to combat the effectsof stress, environment and not so healthy lifestyle, which may have a fun filled life. What I like the most about this face scrub is it doesn’t feel harsh on my skin and removes the dead cells gently. And the Orange Boost Face souffle is need of sweet and Tangy oranges, the souffle is full of freshness of vitamins that give an instant energy burst.set aside 10 minutes of a week’s to this adorable organic intelligence for a bright radiant skin. The choco delight face mask renews and hydrates your skin making it young. Skin feels nutured and glows after a touch.

5. Rating :


6. Price :-

210 Rs per box (contains 1 face scrub, 1 face Souffle and one face mask).

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Nail extension for the first time

I can’t thank @mynailofficial enough for collaborating with me to get this nails !

@mynailofficial offers myriad ranges of nail art and nail extensions at a pocket friendly price,plus they provide real good technique over the whole process too, using genuine gentle products.

I was into bits after I got the final glam look of it. I’m absolutely in awe of this place and the artist who took care of my nails and didn’t hesitate or flinch even once in those excruciatingly long 2hr 30 mins.
Hurry now and rush to @mynailofficial and get your nails done today,that too at a really modest price.

Place: Acropolis Mall,3rd floor (Kolkata)
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Kara Nail Polish Remover wipes

Hey lovelies,I’m back with another review.I hope that it would be a very helpful review for you.I’m here with Kara Nail Polish Remover lemon wipes today.I think that you’ve listened about this product before that.It’s easily available in local market.It’s very travel friendly and it removes your nailpolish easily.Suppose you’re late but you noticed that your nails are not done.I’ve the solution.

Ingredients :-

This wipes are enriched with the goodness of Argan oil,okive oil & Vitamin E.

*No Acetone*

Packaging :-

It comes in a small white box and 30 wipes within it.

Ability :-

One wipe can clean 10 nails.I’m really in love with it’s quality and smell.

Recommendation :-

I’m completely loving Kara wipes.So I would highly recommend you guys to get it in your hands and add to your daily bag.It’s better than liquid nail polish remover.If you’re travelling,you’ve to carry extra cotton pads with you.But it would be easier if you carry Kara Wipes with you.

Rating :-


Price :-

Rs. 100 for 30 wipes.

So,that’s all for today’s blog.I’ll be back with another review soon.



Homemade Glow face pack

Hello lovelies,Hope that you all are doing well. I’m back with another blog today. Hope that you’ll love it.

From ancient times,Fulle’s earth(Multani Mitti) is known as a natural ingredient which has been used for ages in India as an essential beauty product. Be it acne, wrinkles or fine lines, multani mitti has come to the rescue of Indians for generations. Nature’s tattva brings to you the age old beauty secret, with combination of modern technology.

Ingredients of the face pack:-

  • Fuller’s Earth
  • Rose water
  • Lemon

(I am using Fuller’s Earth and rosewater from Nature’s Tattva which I got in PR)

How to make the face pack ?

At first take a clean bowl and a spoon. Take 1-2 teaspoon of Multani Mitti.Add Rose water in it.Then squeeze half of a lemon in this pack. Mix it properly.And yaah! The pack is ready.

How to apply?

Apply a thin layer of the face pack on your face. Avoid eye area. Leave it for 15 minutes. Then rinse your face with warm water properly. Apply moisturizer on dry face. You’ll see a glow on your face next morning.

About Nature’s Tattva:-

If you want good result,you must use good products. There are many options but I’m using the products from Nature’s Tattva. Some of the products are a little bit expensive but their products are worth buying.There are a lot of Rose waters available in market but some of them are not pure and contains parabens. Nature’s Tattva Rose water is made from Desi Roses which is 100% pure.


Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) – Rs. 180

Rose water – Rs. 215


  1. Amazon

Warning :-

Please do a patch test before usage. Natural products may not necessary be suitable for everyone. In case of irritation, discontinue use immediately.

That’s all for today’s blog. Will come back soon with another blog.

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UCANBE Twilight & Dusk Eyeshadow Palette

Hey lovelies,Welcome to Beauty In Vein. I’m back with another blog. Recently I’ve got UCANBE Twilight Dusk eyeshadow palette. I’m sharing the reviews with you. So lets get started.


It comes in a lovely cardboard packaging. The pacakging is beautiful and very colourful.


Must say that this is one of the best eyeshadow palette I’ve ever used. The colours are so pretty and the glittery colours will give your eyes a perfect glam look for party. There are 18 shades which you can use to create perfect eye makeup. The palette is so affordable and the pigmentation is just wow.


You can check their website to see the prices of all eyeshadow palettes.http://www.ucanbemakeup.comThis palette is also available on Amazon at only Rs. 799/-


I’ll give this palette 4.5/5. So that’s all for today’s blog. I’ll be back with another review. If you like my work then follow my blog and don’t forget to follow me on instagram.Instagram :



Sugar Smudge me not lip duo

Hello lovelies,welcome to Beauty In Vein. As you all know that Sugar Cosmetics has recently launched their Smudge me not lip duo.I’ve got a lipstick from them in my hands.So lets get started.


It’s in the shade 01 Brazen Raisin.


This lipstick comes in a cute cardboard packaging.This duo comes with a smudge me not liquid lipstick on one end a transparent lip gloss on the end.It comes in 20 different shades to choose from.

This duo gives :-

1. Slight illution of fuller lips with the gloss.

2. Increases the moisturisation of the lips

3. Lip gloss solo longetivity -5-7 hrs

4. Clear gloss which will give a high shine finish.


Rs. 600 only.

Final review:-

I’m just loving their lip duo.I’ll suggest it to everyone.Give it a try guys.

That’s all for today.Will see you soon with another review.


Everteen Menstrual Cup

Hey lovelies,Welcome to your favourite blog Beauty In Vein.Today I will tell about Menstrual cup.This blog is going to be very helpful for working women.So let’s get started.

How to Use?

1. Wash hands

Check that the air holes at the top of your cup are open. Wash your hands.

Wash your menstrual cup with warm water and rinse it carefully.

2. Fold + Hold

Get comfy: you can insert the cup while sitting, standing or squatting. Spreading your legs will help with a successful and comfortable insertion. Relax.

Fold the cup in on itself to make flat, then in half to form a C shape.

3. Insert

Keep it rolled up and guide it rim first into the vagina. To check that the cup has fully opened, slide a clean finger up to the cup bottom and feel it – it should be round. Menstrual cup can be used any time in your menstrual cycle, from heavy to light flow days.

4. Wear + learn

Everteen cup is emptied about 2–4 times a day, can be used for up to 12 hours, also overnight. The measuring lines on the cup help monitor your flow and easily learn your rhythm.

5. Remove + empty

Wash your hands and relax your muscles. Grasp the bottom of the cup. To break seal, squeeze the bottom of the cup.

Be sure not to pull it out by holding the stem alone. Tip contents into the toilet. Rinse & Reuse.

6. Clean + sanitize:

The cup should be cleaned before and after your cycle, and after emptying. To avoid odor and discoloration, rinse first in cold water, and then wash with hot water.Don’t use soap.

How to remove?

Again – RELAX: Just as with insertion. Take your time!

Do NOT pull on the stem: The stem is used to gain access the bottom of the cup. If you pull on the stem, it will hurt! It will also create a mess since the cup won’t be supported or controlled when it exits.

Squeeze bottom to release suction: This is the key – the bottom of the cup has ridges for gripping. Grip the bottom and tweak the cup to the side. The idea is to pull an edge away from the vaginal wall to release suction. You will hear it when this happens.

Rock gently: Once suction releases, gently rock the cup from side to side as you pull it out. This technique might not be necessary, but helps with removal if the cup is feeling stubborn to come out.

Tips for first time menstrual cup insertion :-

Relax and take your time: Choose alone time when you can focus without distractions or interruptions. Perhaps after a warm bath when you are relaxed. If you are too nervous, the vaginal muscles will tighten, making it uncomfortable, if not impossible, for successful insertion.

Get Acquainted with yourself: It is always a good idea to know your own body. Take some time to locate the vaginal opening and even insert a finger to locate your cervix. It feels exactly like the tip of your nose. Knowing where your cervix is will help you to position the cup properly and not insert it too high.

Practice during your period: The vagina is more flexible and the blood works as a lubricant. OR . . .

Take a “dry run” before your period: You might be more comfortable practicing before your period if you feel squeamish about touching blood. In this case, use water as a lubricant.

Try different folds that accentuate the insertion poin: Most use the typical C-fold. However, there are many ways to fold a Lunette. Check out the most common different folds that you can use with your period cup.

Proper insertion direction: Be aware that the direction of insertion needs to be aimed towards the small of your back — not straight up.

Be patient: Know that it may take several times before you are successful. If you begin without the expectation of perfect insertion, you are more likely to be relaxed and pleasantly surprised when success happens.

Assess the stem: Once inserted, you will need to decide whether or not to keep the stem. If it protrudes, it will be uncomfortable. In this case, you likely won’t need the stem and can trim it off. However, if not, you may need it to assist with removal.

Shelf time:-

You can use it for 10 years.


For Large size, cup use the following links

Buy from Everteen-

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For Small size, cup use the following links

Buy from Everteen-

everteen® Menstrual Cup (Small)-1pc

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455 Rs. For one cup.

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Astaberry Diamond Hair Removal Creme

You have planned a hangout with friends.

Oh Gosh! You’ve no time for visiting parlour.

No problem guys.I’ve a solution for this.

Astaberry has introduced it’s new Diamond Hair Removal creme with Avocado oil and Soya Protein extracts.This is suitable for all skin types.

Price & Quantity:-

Rs 75 for 60gm


This creme comes in a normal Diamond colour plastic tube form with a spatula within.


This cream removes unwanted hair at one go.It didn’t cause any burning sensation on my skin.
You can do a patch test before using it.Apply it on your skin and then remove it.Wait for 24 hours and if it don’t cause any burning sensation on your skin,use it.


Also available on Amazon.

Lakmé Rose Powder with sunscreen

Hello my lovelies,welcome to your favourite blog Beauty In Vein.Today I’ll share Lakmé Rose powder review.It’s a affordable powder for your daily makeup.

Hope that many of you’ve already used this powder.It’s not a translucent powder,it has a tint of pink.

It’s available in 2 shades:-

1) Warm Pink
2) Soft Pink


It comes in a normal brown colour box with a applicator within it.


It mattifies your face and gives your face a flawless look. You can use this powder after makeup. It’s a very good powder for daily use.It stays upto 12 hours.It contains SPF 15 which saves your skin from harmful UV rays.


Contains Paraben


160 Rs.